• Pagoda Nursery has an intimate, homely atmosphere which ensures for an easy transition from home to nursery.
    • We have a high adult to child ratio.
    • Pagoda has an open door policy – parents are welcome to call in or telephone at any time.
    • Pagoda Nursery operates a key person system to give each child a sense of security and well being.
    • Each child has a home/nursery progress book which is completed daily. They also have their own individual learning and development journal.
    • Pagoda nursery strives to put each individual child's needs and interests at the centre of our planning to ensure engagement. We use In the Moment Planning following structured around the EYFS guidance to ensure all children are constantly learning, exploring and gaining new experiences.

All activities are delivered in a holistic manner to meet each child’s needs.

Activities include

  • Music and movement – using instruments, music and singing

  • Art & Creative skills – painting, collages, etc

  • Mark Making (early writing) Activities – chalk, drawing, painting, etc.

  • Physical exercise –provide space/time to encourage free movement. Equipment such as bikes, cars, balls, tunnels, hula hoops, etc

  • Role play – using dressing up clothes and other props

  • Construction play – building with lego, large blocks, soft play equipment.

  • Song and Story time

  • Sensory Experiences – sand, water, play dough, baking, etc

  • Problem Solving, reasoning and numeracy activities – using numbers, recognising shapes, space and measurements.

  • Develop social skills through both group activities and forming individual relationships.

    • The nursery has access to an outdoor area.
    • The children are given the opportunity to explore the world with trips to the park, museum, shops and so on.
    • Throughout the year we promote different celebrations from around the world.

Pagoda Nursery believes that all learning areas are interlinked and do not stand alone. One activity develops a variety of skills. Our activities are child led/initiated and planned to meet each child’s individual needs to enable them to reach their full potential.