aThe Pagoda Nursery formerly managed by the Liverpool City Council, it was in operation for 26 years at the Pagoda Chinese Youth Community Centre near the heart of Chinatown. The Pagoda Nursery was closed down back in July 2008. During this period Government were introducing National Surestart programmes and the Liverpool City Council management decided on a change of direction and closed down all  day nurseries they managed in Liverpool. 

The Community formed a focus group with parents around the neighbourhood, the overwhelming result was there was a need to continue the nursery service. Several parents decided to form the Liverpool Chinese Community Foundation (LCCF) Community Interest Company, a non-profit organisation, to negotiate terms with the City Council building for the past few years. 

The Pagoda Nursery was finally re-opened in April 2012, and is registered with OFSTED to continue its operation.

The Eldonian Group,  a social enterprise with vast experience with regeneration projects and children services,  assisted LCCF during the startup phase and helped manage the nursery operation during the first few months.

Although we emphasise, the multi-cultural and bi-lingual aspect of our services, this small community Nursery is suitable for all parents that live in the neighbourhood or parents that work in the City Centre. It's just 5 minute walk from Liverpool One Shopping and the upcoming Central Village Shopping Mall near Bold Street.

Pagoda Nursery was identified by the community for a childcare setting to meet multi-lingual needs. Those placing their children in the setting have varying degrees of level of English as a second language, and therefore, being able to communicate is crucial to both parent and child. Staff are experienced at communicating with those for whom English is an additional language.  Currently we have staff who speak, English, Italian, Turkish and Russian

As well as language, a second issue is for the nursery to understand and reflect the cultural needs of the community.  We encourage a lot of multi-cultural activities, as you can see from the staff and activities we provide.

The nursery is unique and has a intimate setting that takes a total of 19 children from 0-5 years.

Make an appointment to visit Pagoda Nursery, email us at or call us on 0151 709 8828.